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About Us

Sow Into You are wellness workshops held on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and founded by local residents, Brie Taylor and Kiera Henry. 


We are passionate about upskilling people in our community to confidently face everyday life challenges.


Our wellness workshops target young people and are designed to provide a safe environment for building resilience, self-exploration and connection. Each workshop focuses on one specific theme, such as self-worth, providing the knowledge, tools and strategies to achieve growth and change. Workshops are delivered using a combination psychoeducation and interactive activities appropriate to the developmental age of participants.

If you would like to know more about our workshops please get in touch!

We look forward to hearing from you,


Brie & Kiera

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Brie Taylor
Bachelor Counselling

Brie is a compassionate and caring individual, who has always been fascinated with the human psyche, people's life experiences and how these influence one's mental and emotional states and human behaviour.

Due to this curiosity, Brie completed a Bachelor of Counselling from The Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2017, whilst working with young people and adolescents in a variety of roles over the last 10 years.

Brie believes adolescence is a critical stage in human development and is passionate about supporting young people develop their self-efficacy in order to reach their full potential.

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Kiera Henry
Bachelor Counselling

Passionate about working with young people and their families, Kiera brings over 15 years experience working across a variety of roles, including In-home Care, Education and Learning Support and Case Management. 


Equipped with a Bachelor's in Counselling from The Australian College of Applied Psychology, she is skilled in facilitating small groups and motivated to empower young people to discover their true self, innate capabilities and strengths. 

Kiera firmly believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and the importance of supporting young people as they ride the challenging waves of adolescence.